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Streamlining Administration

[Aug 16, 2016]  As part of our continued efforts to streamline administration for employers and maintain our pension promise to members, HOOPP has been working closely with all employers prior to introducing a couple of key changes:

  1. Over the next 12–18 months, our pension administration system will be upgraded to improve the way you interact with us. It will allow for more flexibility, as well as improved administrative and operational processes, for our employers. Over the past few months, HOOPP has met with all employers to collect valuable information that is essential for us to help you through this transition.

The new system will be introduced as follows:


HOOPP is moving

[Aug 10, 2016]  Please note that toward the end of this year, HOOPP will be moving from 1 Toronto Street to 1 York Street. Our new offices will be just a few blocks from our current location.

With this move, only HOOPP’s street address will change; our main phone number, our Client Service phone number and all email addresses will remain the same.

Watch for more information about HOOPP’s move later in 2016.


June 2016 In the Loop with HOOPP Webcast recording now available
[Jul 11, 2016]  We have provided the following video for you to view, If you were unable to attend the live webcasts of In the Loop with HOOPP that were held in June. Read More...

Updated buyback forms

[May 24, 2016]  We have updated our buyback forms as part of our continued effort to streamline administration for Employers and improve communication between HOOPP, Employers and Members.

Some of the key enhancements include:


Announcing the 2016 HOOPP pension seminars

[Mar 07, 2016]  HOOPP’s pension seminars are back by popular demand! Our members know having a secure retirement income is important, but there are other considerations they need to think about when planning for life after work. That’s why we encourage them to attend a Pre-retirement Seminar to learn about the benefits of the HOOPP pension and how it impacts their retirement planning. This year’s seminars will be held from April to October.

Members will learn about:


HOOPP’s funded status rises to 122% despite challenging markets
[Mar 03, 2016]  We are pleased to inform you that your pension plan, the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), delivered a positive return for 2015, despite a difficult year for investors. Read More...

The first issue of our newly re-launched Employer Newsletter is now available

[Jan 26, 2016]  Our new Employer Newsletter is now available online, and has been emailed to all employer administrative contacts and executives.  This newsletter is being sent to keep employers apprised of what was accomplished in 2015 and what's ahead in 2016.

Articles in this issue:


HOOPP Disability changes & Fall YPAW Issue now Available

[Nov 10, 2015]  Improvements to disability benefits 

The Board of Trustees recently approved changes to the HOOPP Plan Text related to disability benefits.

These changes are designed to assist members and employers by making the rules easier to understand and streamline the application process.


ESE2 Smart Form Issue

[Oct 07, 2015]  It has come to our attention that when ESE Users are attempting to access Pending Enrolment Smart Forms, the following error message appears “The site is being updated”. We are currently working to resolve this issue. Until the solution is in place, please contact Client Services for assistance with updating pending Enrolment Smart Forms.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to correct this issue.

For additional information, please call HOOPP Client Service at 416-646-6445 or toll-free at 1-877-434-6677 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.


Part-time and Non-full-time Program materials available for download

[Aug 31, 2015]  For your convenience, we’ve made Part-time and Non-full-time Program materials accessible on ESE2, including:


Elimination of part-time eligibility requirements
[Jun 08, 2015]  HOOPP’s Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that effective Oct. 1, 2015, all part-time and non-full-time employees will have the option to join the Plan immediately. Read More...

Process Improvement - Disability packages will now be sent directly to members

[Mar 25, 2015]  Effective April 1, 2015, HOOPP will mail the Here for You: Disability Guide directly to members who have reached 10 weeks on an employer-approved health leave.

The package will include:


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